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Selecting beautiful bedroom furniture is made easy with our customized bedroom sets. Each handcrafted bedroom set completely outfits a bedroom with your choice of styles and sizes. Further customize your choice of bedroom sets by browsing through our range of individual pieces to make further selections. For each bedroom set style, we also have a headboard option.

4-Poster Headboard
Alder Hill Pier Group (Shown with Pedestal)
SleighHeadboard Sleigh Headboard (Shown with Pedestal)
Artisan Headboard
Artisan Headboard (Shown with Pedestal)
Hamilton Headboard
Hamilton Headboard (Shown with Pedestal)

Bedroom Suites and Bedroom Sets

Working to create a bedroom design that speaks to our own personal style and budget, we might look to ways in which we can maximize the return on our investment. One of the most effective way to do this is to make sure that we purchase bedroom furniture that represents the highest quality craftsmanship and that will maintain its original integrity throughout its lifetime—such as wall beds or sleigh beds. While it’s nice to simply choose bedroom sets based on the trend of the time and redecorate when styles change, most of us simply do not have the means to do so. There's a lot more to be said about choosing classic heirloom bedroom sets that are timeless in their style and made to last for generations.

At Furniture Traditions we do one thing and we do it well — craft high quality furniture that our customers can count on year after year. They know that they can come back time and time again to add supplemental pieces to their bedroom sets and their pieces will match in terms of original style, high quality and wood tone finish.

We make only individually handcrafted furniture. That means each piece is handcrafted by a craftsman who is personally invested in each finished “signature” piece. Our customers know that when they look at bedroom sets by Furniture Traditions they are looking at the best of the best, high quality alder bedroom furniture; classic furniture pieces that will not only transform their bedroom design but remain current and viable regardless of changing styles in years to come.

Isn’t Timeless beauty what we all desire? We can always change the bed linens or paint to reflect what’s popular at the time. But our bedroom furniture is the classic core around which everything else revolves. Furniture Traditions’ bedroom sets are built to last a lifetime and to infuse your home with timeless style that will never be out-of-date, and will always look just as beautiful, just as rich as the first day it went in your bedroom.

Furniture Traditions is a family owned and operated business. Our name is attached to all of the bedroom furniture that we make available to our customers. Like our craftsmen that work diligently piece by piece, we take pride in our work and in building relationships with our customers. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we aim to meet their needs for high quality furniture for many years to come.

Browse through our selection of bedroom sets and matching pieces to get a feel for what is right for you.