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Alder Hill Pier Group

Maximum storage space on minimum floor space.

Alder Hill Pier Group #A605

King Bed 81"H x 126-1/2"W x 17-3/4"D
Queen Bed 81"H x 112-1/2"W x 17-3/4"D

20.3 cu. ft. of usable storage space

Features and Benefits

In the cabinets, personal convenience abounds
  • Mirrors on each door to check your smile.
  • Cedar-lined cabinets to protect your belongings.
  • Adjustable shelves for convenient placement and access.
  • Two burgundy velvet-lined trays provide a convenient place to put your jewelry, watch and wallet.
  • Bedside pull-out tray with the "Moisture Guard" surface to protect from minor spills.
In the headboard
  • Two secret compartments; one to keep your electrical wiring from phones, clocks and radios out of sight. The other for whatever you like.
  • Dual lights with individual dimmer switches, so that one person can read while the other sleeps.
  • Two USB ports.
  • Two personal cubbies
No tools required
  • The Pier Group ships and delivers as five pieces. Easy to assemble by hand tightening 8 wing nuts in pre-drilled holes, for a "no-gap" appearance.
  • All drawers feature full extension, side mounted, ball-bearing guides
  • Crafted from Red Alder, the most abundant hardwood in America's Pacific Northwest
  • Heirloom (lifetime) Warranty—hand down for generations to come
  • Furniture Made in America, it's easy to get parts if needed
  • In-Stock for Quick Delivery

Pier Wall Group - Demo Preview. Shown in Oak.

Furniture Comments

We love our Bedroom Furniture. No, we REALLY love it! When the Master-piece Pier Group went into our bedroom, the bedroom completely changed. Both the Master-piece Pier Group and matching Pedestal are in our bedroom, along with the Jewelry chest & Treasure chest. There is lots of storage for everything in our life to have a place to be.

The Pier wall bed lights are used every night, because both my wife & I like to read before we go to sleep. In the headboard, our clock radio is always plugged in. During the winter, the plugs are used for our heated blanket. Our bedroom phone is plugged in on my wife's side (guess who uses it the most often). The pull-out tray is often in use for a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper.

Every time we entertain, our guest's favorite room to tour is our master bedroom. When they see our bedroom set, we beam with pride when they marvel that our American Furniture is still "Made in America".

Bob & Katrina Kirkeby
Furniture Traditions' co-owner & satisfied customers

Alder Hill Pier Group-2
Alder Hill Pier Group-3

The Alder Hill Pier Group — The Ultimate in a Pier Bed, Pier Group or Wall Bed

At Furniture Traditions our reputation is built on the quality of our pieces. And one of the product lines that we are so very proud to offer to our customers is that of Alder Hill Pier Group. These handcrafted wall beds provide form and function that showcases the superior quality for which we strive every day.

Our wall beds provide the beauty and quality of our alder furniture but also the function that allows them to work so well in the modern bedroom. With compartments for storing personal items, to light switches and even cedar-lined drawer space for clothing storage, our wall beds combine the comfort of a bed and the versatility of other furniture pieces.

Many people think our wall beds will be too big for their room, when in fact the opposite is true. What makes a room look cramped is when it's cluttered with a bunch of smaller pieces. Instead, go vertical with a taller piece, which usually hold as much storage as 2 or 3 smaller pieces. It will dramatically open up your bedroom. The same is true with our Pier Group.

So whether your bedroom space is limited and wall beds make the most sense for the storage of your personal belongings, or you just love the look and flexibility of wall beds, our Alder Hill Pier Group has what you are looking for on all fronts.

We invite you to browse our selection of wall beds and choose the furniture line that speaks to your own personal vision of classic style combined with modern convenience.