Sleigh Headboard
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Sleigh Headboard

Sleigh Headboard #A701

Headboard 50-1/2"H x 8"D

Cal King 77"W
E. King 81"W
Queen 65"W
Full 59"W

Features and Benefits

Sleigh Headboard-1
The Classic Sleigh Headboard shown with the Headboard Pedestal #A611.

A Classic Sleigh Headboard

The classic sleigh headboard – true to its name - is known by its curved headboard and its use of heavier woods; a design that resembles an old-fashioned sleigh. The more contemporary versions of the sleigh bed, while still represented by the curved headboard, may not necessarily have a footboard; and the curvature may be displayed in varying degrees. But no matter what the differences in one design to the next, the sleigh bed has an elegant and regal connotation, making it a favorite in bedrooms worldwide.

Headboards are an excellent way to change the look or style of a room without investing in an entirely new bedroom set. Our Sleigh Headboard will make the bedroom look new again in the blink of an eye, completely transforming the spirit of an out of date bedroom.