Unsolicited Testimonials from our Customers


Furniture Traditions formally states that the following unsolicited customer comments and reviews are real. Some details has been removed to protect the customer’s privacy and in some cases minor corrections to spelling have been made.

I have several pieces of your furniture, but the dealer that I purchased them from is no longer open. I would like to purchase some more of your furniture if I can find a nearby dealer or order direct. I must tell you that my grandfather was a cabinet maker by trade and I am very particular about the way furniture is put together. Your furniture is the best oak furniture on the market bar none. Thank you for making a quality product at a reasonable price!

Edwardsville, IL

We just wanted to say a huge thank you. A piece of our bedroom furniture, which we have owned for over 15 years, developed a split. We notified your company and we were told we would receive a replacement piece by mail. True to your word, we received the replacement a week later. It matched beautifully, and we just couldn't believe there are still companies around that honor their product warranties.

Kansas City, MO

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for a quality bedroom suite. My wife found this bedroom suite and wanted my approval. I visited the local store and upon inspection I told her it was of good quality, if you like it, get it. A few weeks later I picked up the furniture myself and during the un-boxing and setup, It really hit me. I noticed every detail of craftsmanship. I can't begin to list the many fine things I noticed. Up until now, I have always said the best quality thing we ever purchased was our Honda cars. I told my wife last night during setup that I think this (the furniture) may be the best thing we ever purchased. Thank you and all your workers for a quality, USA made product.

Scott & Karen
Bellevue, NE

Hi, my wife and I just bought privately the master-piece pier group bed and armoire along with the 7 drawer dresser 5 drawer chest from an older couple that had just moved to a smaller house. The furniture is absolutely the most beautiful we've ever seen. We looked at pieces that we liked from other makers with a similar style but never found anything we were 100% comfortable with buying. But when we picked up this set and brought it home, we actually had tears in our eyes because we were so happy. I realize our purchase didn't directly result in a sale for you, but we're spreading the word with everyone we know and I'm sure we'll add pieces in the future. I do have one question though, our set was manufactured in 1998 and I was wondering if the armoire was designed to be able to remove the cedar back panel like your current piece is advertised? There are black phillips-head screws along the edge fastening it to the side panels. I just don't want to disassemble it if it is not designed to do so. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Look forward to hearing from you.


WE ARE SO SO PLEASED!!!! We purchased the Sweet Dreams Spindle Bed, Masterpiece Chest, 7-drawer dresser and the nightstand in Light Meadow Oak. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERY DETAIL!!!. The quality and workmanship of every piece leaves me in utter amazement. We have a small bedroom, so I was only able to purchase the smaller pieces in order to fit and look comfy, and boy was I surprised how beautiful they look, in my bright and airy small bedroom. I just wanted to thank you and your whole staff for such a fine job. I especially was impressed with the cedar lined top drawer as well as the velvet lined jewelry trays.Thank you again, I will tell all my friends about your furniture line. P.S. We purchased our set from D&D Furnishings in Whitehall, PA. Great delivery service as well, very professional and careful not to scratch or bump.

Annandale, NJ

I just have to say that I LOVE my master-piece bedroom furniture! I am currently awaiting the arrival of my last few pieces and I couldn't be more excited! Your furniture makes all other furniture sets look cheap and flimsy. The construction of your furniture has to be the result of company pride! I have shown your line of products to a great deal of people, whether it be within my home, through your catalogs, or through the internet at my office. I have to say that you have made a lot of my friends jealous! They are amazed by the hidden compartments, the quality, and the price! Thank you for making my dream bedroom come true!

Cave Creek, AZ

Thank You very much for your quick response to my handle issue. I must admit that I was truly amazed that a company would stand behind their product after almost 10 years. My wife and I agree that we would go way out of our way to purchase "Furniture Traditions" products in the future. Again, thank you.

Arizona City, AZ

Last Friday I finally took delivery of my brand new Nostalgia Headboard, platform, Master-piece Chest and one Master-piece Nightstand. I couldn't be happier! Your products are sheer quality-beautifully crafted and simply wonderful. I hope to enjoy the furniture for many many years. Thanks for making such quality products!!!

Canyon Country, CA

Just a note to say THANK YOU for sending the replacement doors for the Computer Armoire. There is nothing finer than dealing with a company like yours that stands behind their product! I hope that you will soon expand your line to living room furniture soon. The quality of our bedroom and office is excellent! Everything fits perfect and as for the dressers and king size headboard pier group, which is almost 10 years old! They still look as new as the Computer Armoire that is just less than a year old. Thanks again for making our home look as nice as it does!

Phil & Kathie
Grants Pass, OR

A couple weeks ago I contacted you regarding lost keys to my Armoire. Ruth called me within a short time of my request for duplicate keys and a new handle for one of the doors for the armoire. She was extremely pleasant and handled getting keys and the handle in the mail that day. I just wanted to thank Ruth and all of you for the outstanding service and product. Any furniture I purchase in the future will have the Furniture Traditions name on it, or it won't be in my home. Kudos to a class act!

Reno, NV

I'm writing you because of my grandparents, Jack & Betty. They bought the wall unit and the lingerie chest about a year ago and I wanted to tell you that a very unfortunate thing happened to them. You see, someone broke into their home. The thieves went through everything in the bedroom and they ran across their safe. To their surprise, all they found was important papers and things to that nature. You see, all of their valuables were in the hidden compartments in the wall unit. Luckily, my grandparents did not lose any of their jewelry or money. The thieves did open the wall unit and found nothing. They called me to tell me that the hidden compartments really work. They also said they were very glad they bought the furniture not only for that reason but they absolutely love it. Thank you. I just thought I would tell you that. Thank you again, and keep up the good work!

Jennifer & Family

Awesome construction, excellent quality. Should be all that I have to buy in my lifetime!

Coon Rapids, MN

Hello Furniture Traditions, I wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am with my new bedroom set which includes the Classic Sleigh Bed, 2 Master-piece Nightstands, the Jewelry Chest, Lingerie Chest, the Hope Chest. This is the best bedroom furniture I have ever owned. I love the quality, style and all the finishes. Oak happens to be my favorite wood. I picked the Light Meadow Oak. I am so glad I found it. My bedroom became my favorite room of all, thanks to my new Furniture Traditions bedroom set. I am so pleased with it, I love it. I can smell the cedar as soon as I walk in my house. I shall cherish it forever. Thank you and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Louise, another proud and happy owner of Furniture Traditions. I love every piece you make, I would love to furnish my whole house with your beautiful furniture.

Hayward, CA

Hey guys, I love selling your stuff. Of all the manufacturers we carry, I know I don't have to worry when I sell Furniture Traditions. Customers love it when I stand on a drawer (I weigh about 240 lbs.!) I work at Oak Express in Albany, NY, thank you for the leads you've faxed us, I do believe one resulted in a sale. Also, Mobile, AL has had they're area code changed, I don't know how often you update your website but I noticed it's the old one, (sorry, I don't remember the new area code.) Keep making your great products and I'll keep selling them with more conviction than anyone else!

Troy, NY

My husband and I purchased "The Country Faire Pier Group" and miscellaneous accessory furniture in August, 1992 from Dream World Furniture in Denver, Colorado. I've wanted for some time to let you know how much we are enjoying our bedroom furniture. Also, I feel it is appropriate to give credit where credit is due.

Furniture Traditions certainly deserves a compliment for producing this lovely furniture, because it does stand out above any other bedroom pier set that we have seen in Denver.

Please let your personnel know how much we appreciate your product. Be assured that if the occasion arises, we will buy again from your company.

Aurora, CO

Aloha to everyone from your "Pineapple Connection" on the beautiful "Big Island" of Hawaii!

The furniture arrived in top shape and very timely, thanks to your efforts. (What a team!) We cannot express how pleased we are with the quality and beauty of your fine furniture. We feel as if we have the fine craftsmanship that was only produced 100 years ago! Many people have admired it and inquired about it. We are passing the word and singing your praises.

Everything is fine here—the mynah birds still chirping, the volcano still flowing, and the Hawaiians wanting their "Sovereignty".

Can't express how much we appreciate your service, product and immediate attention.

Please let us know if you ever begin production on any other type of furniture besides bedroom!

Fritz & Lois
Kamuela, Hawaii

We are proud owners the Country Faire Pier Group, 5-drawer high chest and the 7-drawer dresser with wing mirror. This is the most complemented furniture we have ever owned. It is not only quality but the styling is breathtaking and timeless in design. We thank you for making this furniture that we are truly proud to own.

We do have one problem that we would like your help with. The handle has broken off the bottom drawer of the Pier Group. Would you please send us a purchase order or send us two new handles that we need? I will then send you a check for payment or call you with my credit card information.

Once again we are very happy with our purchase of Furniture Traditions and would be interested to know if there is any other furniture you make and where it can be purchased.

Hudson, OH

We first saw your Country Faire line of bedroom furniture a few years ago and immediately knew this was the furniture we wanted. We purchased an entertainment chest, master-piece dresser, the jewelry chest, treasures winged mirror, and night stand. We have been delighted with the beauty of your line of furniture as well as how well thought-out and functional each piece has been. We have been extremely pleased about our purchase of your fine furniture.

Recently my husband noticed the top drawer of the night stand was cracked all the way across. He called the customer service department about this problem, and much to our amazement, a replacement drawer was shipped to us within a few days. The new drawer fit splendidly and the color matched our nightstand perfectly. We couldn't let such wonderful customer service go without at least telling you that you exceeded our expectations. We only wish other companies would match your outstanding customer service!

We shall be contacting Oak Express where we originally bought your furniture and tell them about our extremely positive experience with your company.

We shall not forget this experience, and should the need arise in the future for quality furniture, we will not hesitate to buy Furniture Traditions once again.

Thank you for such wonderful customer service.

Dave & Judy
Billings, MT

My wife and I ordered three pieces of bedroom furniture through a depot on Englishtown Rd., Jamesburg, N.J. Due to the heavy volume sales and deliveries, I did not wait for an extended delivery date, and today I picked up the furniture myself. I would be remiss if I did not let you know how happy we are with our furniture. What beautiful craftsmanship. Everything we looked at showed a great deal of pride and skill. We are not done yet, we will be ordering more Oak products, and I can assure you that I will not accept anything else but quality products from Furniture Traditions. Great!!!

Bricktown, NJ

In September 2004, hurricane Ivan came through Pensacola, leaving a mark of destruction all over Pensacola and surrounding areas. We lost most everything in our home due to the flood waters caused by the storm surge, this included my bedroom suite which was purchased for my 25th anniversary. As we were moving the Armoire, I noticed that the top half was in perfect condition. Meaning I would need to order the bottom half, I found out that the piece was sold as a unit and that it could not be purchased directly from your factory. However the production person said "let me talk to the manager". Within minutes my cell phone rang and Ruth from your company was on the line. I told her I hated to have someone try to match it and have something built for the bottom, cause I could not just junk that piece of furniture!!!! She was so kind as to understand my pain that she offered to make an exception and send me the bottom half, if I'd pay shipping. This was so nice of her and reflects a true compassion for your customers. I have replaced my bedroom suite and have added a piece to my collection. I want to thank your company for being not only a company that takes pride in the merchandise you build, but you go the extra mile for your customers. It is greatly appreciated. I will always remember this kind act.

P.S. I have a feeling I will get the hope chest for my upcoming 30th anniversary... (Saw hubby looking at them) it would be a gift I would cherish as I cherish the quality furniture I now have from your company.

May god bless you and yours.

Milton, FL

We just purchased the Master-Piece Pier Group, headboard, and we absolutely love it... I want to "Thank-you" for making such beautiful pieces!

Marie and Jim
Kingman, AZ

I have recently purchased the Master-piece bedroom ensemble including pier wall bed, MP dresser with treasures mirror, MP chest, and MP armoire. Quality is darn near perfect, fit & finish are magnificent, and attention to detail is superb! I bought this without ever having seen it in person and I could not be happier—well, I would prefer the MP armoire with pocket doors. I am starting on my study next and, believe me, I will not even look anywhere else. Many thanks to Steve Martin for his assistance.

G. Ryan
Goose Creek, SC

I wanted you to know how grateful I am to your company for the prompt results I have received when I contacted you regarding a light cylinder for my bedroom light bar.

Not only did I receive a response to my email query regarding a replacement unit within the same day, but you have followed through with the email by having a company representative, Debra Calvo, contact me by telephone. Ms. Calvo was extremely helpful and offered additional assistance, if needed, to install the unit in the light bar. She suggested contacting her by telephone if we should have any difficulty at all, in the installation. This was certainly a plus that I had not expected.

This additional personal touch by your company is definitely appreciated. I have never had such wonderful service from any other company that I have dealt with over the past 30 years. This is an excellent commentary on your company and the people who have instilled this principle in its employees.

Also, your company passed my name and concern on to a company authorized to market your furniture, Biondi Bros, who contacted me to find out if I need assistance in the installation. How wonderful to find a considerate company who is concerned about customer relations. A representative from Biondi Bros, will be at my home on Tuesday, May 15th to install the unit for me.

Since I am a disabled senior citizen, this is greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your wonderful and prompt response. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone in the market for bedroom furniture. My experience with your company and your representatives has been exceptional and I am so very happy to have purchased my bedroom furniture from you.

Stockton, CA

Our FIRST and FOREMOST requirement for buying a new bedroom suite was that it be American Made. THANK YOU for making fine furniture in THIS country!!!!! We LOVE our bedroom furniture and we will be back!!!!

Wheatland, WY

Nice to find AMERICAN MADE.Thank You!

Bel Air, MD

I've never seen any other furniture so well constructed and engineered. I highly recommend this furniture to everyone. It's fantastic.

Harrisonville, MO

Everything is great! I absolutely LOVE IT! (Purchased the Pier Group, Entertainment Chest, 3-Drawer Chest, and Wall Mirror.)

Aiken, SC

We bought the pier group and chest first in 2003 and finally got to add the dresser this year. We love this furniture. Very functional and absolutely beautiful.

Charles & Mimi
Rock Hill, SC

The Master-piece Pier Group and Pedestal were delivered today. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for making such wonderful items!

Jerry & Tina
Palmdale, CA

We bought our bedroom in California in 1999. Twelve years of use that includes a cross country move to Vermont and it still looks like the day we bought it. Add to that the fact that we can still buy additional matching pieces makes it the best furniture purchase we've ever made.

St. Albans, VT

I appreciate quality American made products! (Purchased pedestal bed, 3-drawer chest, nightstand and landscape mirror.)

Shingletown, CA

I liked the fact that this bedroom set had lots of options and styles to pick from. I also liked the fact that I could buy as little or as much as I needed or could afford. I've also very happy that I could still purchase more pieces at a later time.

Spring Valley, IL

About five years ago I went to a furniture store and came across my dream bedroom set, the Masterpiece Group. I could not afford it at the time, but looked at the catalog frequently through the years. Last year a dear friend passed away and left me a small sum of money. I knew exactly what it would be used for. Today I am the proud owner of many high-quality pieces of the Masterpiece bedroom set. I only wish my bedroom were bigger, as I would have bought many more pieces. I also have some Furniture Traditions furniture in my living room. It is difficult to find high-quality craftsmanship in furniture today. I hit the jackpot with Furniture Traditions!!!! Keep up the good work!

Reno, NV

After some abuse from a few moves in losing a dresser handle, a couple of broken pull handles, and missing pull-out trays, Furniture Traditions was able to supply replacements parts even after nine years. It is so amazing that Furniture Traditions stands behind their products even when it is beyond normal every day use. This is great quality furniture backed by an unbelievable company. Thank you Furniture Traditions.

Las Vegas, NV

Owned our Bedroom set for about ten years. As beautiful as the day we bought it. Quality Construction. I had the opportunity to see the Factory and the HQ and meet some of the Staff. Quality people all the way!

Ladera Ranch, CA

Our #1 goal is to make you, our customer, happy.

Our goal as a furniture manufacturer is to make you, our customer, happy. All our furniture is backed by our famous Heirloom Warranty. Just contact us, with any of you concerns, suggestions, problems or complaints. You may be surprised at what we can help you with. We love to hear from our customers and we're here to give you the best customer service in the industry.