Alder Hardwood

Alder Hardwood is Abundant in America

Our furniture is crafted from the most abundant hardwood in the Pacific Northwest of America: Alder. Early settlers called Alder the "Tree of Life". In fact, many Alder bridges erected centuries ago are still standing and in use today.

All drawer fronts, raised panel doors, moldings and face frames are solid Alder hardwood. Veneers are used to enhance and strengthen the quality of your furniture.

Dark Alder Hardwood Finish Tone

Shown here is a representation of the Alder hardwood finish tone. Please remember that there can be wide variations between the colors displayed here and the actual wood tone.

See the Actual Alder Finish on Your Dealer's Showroom Floor.

Discover for yourself. Visit your local retailer and explore each piece. Try the drawers. Check out the craftsmanship. Find those secret compartments. Notice the overall beauty and elegance. Once you do this, we’re sure you’ll want to become a part of the growing Furniture Traditions’ family of satisfied customers.


Alder Hardwood Finish
Alder hardwood with "Warm Chestnut Finish"