Our Furniture Will Always Be Made in America

Buy American Made

When buying furniture, you have many choices. One of them is to buy American made or an import. Most of the cheap imports (we call it "landfill furniture") will only last a few years before falling apart, while most American furniture is made to last a lifetime.

It’s indicative of why there seems to be a real backlash against imported goods. People are upset about lead in their children’s toys, formaldehyde in their furniture, poorly made products, poison in their pet food, etc.

Reasons to buy our American-made furniture:


When shopping, bang on the back of the furniture, pull open a drawer from the side, pick up on a corner, etc. Many have tried to copy our furniture. A quick examination will reveal the solid construction and many quality differences.


Investing a little more now, in quality furniture that can last a lifetime, cost less than buying cheap furniture that has to be replaced every few years. For more information, see our Features and Benefits chart.


If something goes wrong with the imports, just try & get a replacement part from China. With Furniture Traditions, help is just a phone call away. When looking at furniture, you’ll discover we’re one of the only companies who give consumers our phone number. We proudly put our contact information on our furniture catalogs & Heirloom Warranty cards.

Go Green!

Our wood (Oak and Alder hardwood) comes from managed forests, not from whoever sells it the cheapest. Our finishing materials are regulated not just by the Environmental protection Agency, but by California Air Quality Control, which has the most stringent anti-pollution standards in the world.

When other countries pollute their air with their poisons, when their wood comes from "clear cut" forests, when their workers are exploited, they are also de-spoiling your world. For example, China ordered all factories to shut down for 4 months, because of the Olympic Games, so that the air will clear up a little for the TV cameras and the rest of the world to see. Don’t support their practices.

Support America!

American furniture manufacturers in the USA means more jobs for Americans. Nothing compares to a USA original and nothing ever will. It’s your choice, if you go with a cheaper "landfill furniture" that only lasts a few years. However, the savvy customer will invest a little more on made-in-America furniture by Furniture Traditions. Over 20 years of experience making this Collection, backed by our Heirloom Warranty, allows us to provide you with super quality furniture that can last a lifetime and is made in America.

American Made by Furniture Traditions
At Furniture Traditions, our furniture is made in America. Always has and always will.

Sleigh Beds made in America
Sleigh beds proudly made in America.

Panel beds made in America
Panel beds made in America.

Pier wall beds made in america
All our furniture, including our pier wall beds, are made in America.