Furniture Internet Sales

Thank you for your interest in our bedroom furniture collection!

We do not sell our product over the internet, nor direct to the public.

There are several reasons for this policy.

First, none of us here at the factory would ever buy bedroom furniture over the internet. Why? Furniture is a product that must be seen in person to really understand what you are getting. The quality of the wood, finish and construction must be seen and touched to understand and appreciate the purchase.

Second, any savings that you gain by buying direct would be lost because of the astronomical costs of small shipments. Dealers purchase in large freight amounts and therefore receive much better rates than the consumer can ever get with with one order at a time.

Last and most importantly, is service. Somehow, someway, sometimes, from the time the furniture leaves the factory until it is delivered to your home, there may be something just not right with your furniture. It could be the factory's fault, the freight companies fault or the delivery people's fault. It doesn't matter, it just needs to be fixed. If you bought from the store, the answer is simple, it is the stores responsibility to make it right.

You may think you are saving money on the internet, but your real costs will be much higher in the long term. We have a wonderful dealer network all over the country who would love to help you before, during and after the sale.

We have no authorized dealers selling over the internet. If you buy Furniture Traditions products over the internet, it is very possible that you are being ripped off. You may receive a copy of our line, or worse, receive nothing at all. Again, we do not permit our furniture to be sold over the internet.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will enjoy your new bedroom furniture.

Furniture Traditions